Why Pulling Your Pants Up is Just Sick

So far this year in Detroit we have had 287 homicide according to the Web Site maintained by Detroit Police Department and it is at it highest rate since 2009 when there was 289 for the entire year. I bet if we looked back we will find years where homicide was greater then this. It is sad that we should have even 1 death in this category where one brother would kill another, and the senseless murder of an innocent child.

I was driving on Puritan today between John C. Lodge and Greenfield and counted at least 10 churches all different sizes and denominations and was thinking and I know the God thought are above and beyond any thought that I would have. But I allowed myself to think for a moment what are these Churches doing to cure the sickness that is in our communities.

Yes our communitiy is sick, when I see a young man take a step and after each step he has to pull his pants up. That child is sick. We can go on down the street and see a young woman holding the hands of another young woman. You have to know that this is not the behavior that is shown by normal young ladies. This is a child that is sick and corrupt. Our community is sick when a young man believes that he should be given something because he is entitled to it and you should give it to him. Many of us are the enabling force for this sickness. We don’t want to hurt their feeling.

Surely as the Pastors and Ministers that drive past the nine other churches and see the sickness that is on the streets are thinking how they will enact a solution to cure the sickness that is in our communities. At least some should not just park in their reserved parking spaces, go to their office and wait for the sick to come to them.

To often I hear from the pulpit what a father or a mother can do to teach a child , but to many Churches do little to teach the father and mother how to live a Biblical life strong in the word and based on Godly wisdom. Our communities are sick our Churches; should be inviting that child who pants fall down and he pulls them up. Our churches need to tell them why this is the behavior of a spiritual sick man. This is the attack of the enemy on the spirit of a man. If your mind and energy is spent pulling your pants up you have no time to think of your life, your future or to put correct and holy thoughts in your mind. You are stuck in the present and the fulfillment of a desire that will not last. Son you are sick and need health!

Put a sign in the front of the building Tuesday, 6pm to 7pm free belts if you attend the one hour lecture “Why Pulling Your Pants Up is Just Sick.”

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