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Why do Men and Women Cheat? | Motor City Kings Home

Why do Men and Women Cheat?

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Why do Men and Women Cheat?

I think that men and women may cheat because they are no longer entertaining or stimulating to their partner.  Instead of spending time together talking, planning, and doing things, their life together becomes routine — work, sleep, sex and taking care of the kids.  The conversations are no longer full of meaning, intelligent or stimulating.   What takes place is an intellectual adultery between them.  They begin to disagree with each other not knowing the other’s side.  Both are thinking that they are more intelligent than the other.  It’s like I can’t wait until he/she leaves so that I can be alone.  Instead of growing together, they grow apart and everything becomes estranged.

Even the mandate that wives submit to your husband is challenged because he and she is not stimulated by the entertainment presented.    They begin to seek the consultation of others, looking outward instead of inward and toward each other.   But what would happen if the woman went to the man and said husband I submit to you and will follow you.  Is she putting her trust in man or God?  I think that she trusts God and trusts God to lead her man. 

She knows that his faults and hers may not go away overnight.  But, as they talk, walk and wage a spiritual war against the flesh, they become stronger in faith each and every day.  The walk between husband and wife is for a lifetime, just as the walk with God is. The conditions of love between husband and wife are unconditional.  The husband accepts his faults and the faults of his wife, just as a parent accepts the faults of a child and the responsibility to raise the child.  The husband’s responsibility and purpose is to lead, teach, correct and sacrifice for his family.  His role and purpose is to prepare his family for the spiritual battle and to serve God’s purpose.   God forgives us of our sins, so we must learn to forgive ourselves and then to forgive our wife. 

Before a man and woman marry, they spend time together getting to know each other.  They talk, debate and dream together.  That man and woman then decide that they want to be together for life, not considering what a lifetime means.  They are ill equipped for the journey.   They lack knowledge, faith and understanding.   A serpent is in the midst and enters your garden and offers something sweet to taste.   The serpent offers a thought, an idea and you are entertained by it.  Your mind engages and is stimulated by it and it continues to grow and build the evil.   

The wife, instead of seeking the advice of the husband, she develops a strategy to defeat and overthrow the husband’s authority.   The plan is simple to question and condemn his leadership.  To continuously act the victim and disrespect his authority.   To disrespect his authority you also disrespect the authority of God and his plan.   It’s not her fault.  It’s a lack of faith, knowledge and understanding.   It’s the man’s fault because of his lack of faith, knowledge and understanding.  Living the word is different from hearing and understanding.  It is said that Men will hear but will not understand.  Men need to study and understand for themselves and to apply the word in their life.  

The wife’s responsibility is to submit to the authority of the husband and the will of God.   The curse of the woman is to have pain at child birth and desire for the husband.  When we read the word many think that it is a physical desire.  I think it means a desire for the husband’s position and authority over the family.

The man was cursed because he listened to the wife and ate from tree of life. The curse is to struggle and toil in the Word to fight the serpent with knowledge and understanding.  He must teach and govern his house and affairs with respect and dignity.   The laws of man uses force for submission – God’s law uses choice and free will for submission.

Men and women have a need to be entertained – a spiritual need to grow and learn.  When a husband’s authority is challenged by the wife and the husband does not accept his leadership role and is not equipped to fight the evil, then one or both will commit physical adultery.   The attack is from a serpent outside the marriage/family/garden each and every day.  The husband should put fuel on the sacred fire for a burnt offering to his devotion to God and this how he will defeat the enemy.  

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