The World When Paul Wrote Corinthians

The World When Paul Wrote Corinthians

It is believed that Paul wrote this Epistle to the Church in Corinthians AD 57 and this was at the end of his Third Missionary Journey.    Paul founded the Church in Corinth on his Second Missionary Journey.  In Acts we receive the final instructions from Christ before the ascension and the coming of Holy Spirit.  So what was the world like when Paul wrote Corinthians?

Roman Empire When Paul wrote to Corinth

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire see map. Looking you will see that Rome had conquered Lands in Britain, France, Germany, Spain Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Cyprus, Crete, and North Africa.   When Paul starts his third Journey In AD 53 Claudius is Emperor of Rome.  Claudius had appointed Gallio as proconsul of  Achaia a province of Corinth. In Acts 18 the Jews brought Paul before Gallio Tribunal.  It was also here that a Christian name Sosthenes was beaten by the Jews in full view of Tribunal. The Jews claim that Paul was persuading men to worship God contrary to the Law.   Gallio refused to listen drove the Jews away from his court.   Interesting before Nero became corrupted by bad advisors and before the death of his mother Gallio was a teacher of Nero.    After Nero’s mother died  the people around him must have told him he was God and has he continue in this manner the more corrupt his character became.

In AD 54 Nero at the age of 17 became emperor of Rome.  The famous fire in Rome occurred in AD 64.  Nero looking for someone to blame for the fire blamed the Christian.   By blaming the Christian he hope to shift public opinion that he cause the fire away from him. Nero  in AD 64 starts campaign to persecute  Christian.  It is believed that Nero died in AD 68.










Greece with Corinth

Greece with Corinth

Corinth is located in Greece and has two Harbors.See map of Greece.  The Harbors gave Corinth access to two seas.  The Lechaeum harbor gave access to the west facing the Corinthian gulf.   The Cenchreae harbor to the east toward the Saronic Gulf.


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