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The Dream | Motor City Kings Home

The Dream

Image by NidalM via Flickr

The Dream

by Langston Jones

I had a dream the other day it was a strange dream and surprisingly I remembered the dream when I woke up. It was a creature with a feminine body. The face was fuzzy, but I could tell it was beautiful. The body was naked and sexually arousing. The creature offered me a cherry. But the cherry was on the tip of a penis coming out of the body in the proper place. I looked at the creature and asked, are you a man? It said no and removed the cherry and the organ turned into a clitoris. I told the creature no!

I awoke from the dream and my mind began to wonder, what does this mean? I have been a Systems Analyst by trade for over twenty years. I have solved business problems and on many occasions, the solutions to those problems have come to me in my dreams. I take my dreams seriously because they reveal answers/secrets to many mysteries. I now know that often, dreams have answers and can predict the future. How do I know? It is written in the word. Genesis 40 describes such an event when a dream predicted the future

Genesis 40:8-23(New Century Version)

8 The two men answered, “We both had dreams last night, but no one can explain their meaning to us.” Joseph said to them, “God is the only One who can explain the meaning of dreams. Tell me your dreams.”
9 So the man who served wine to the king told Joseph his dream. He said, “I dreamed I saw a vine, and
10 on the vine were three branches. I watched the branches bud and blossom, and then the grapes ripened.
11 I was holding the king’s cup, so I took the grapes and squeezed the juice into the cup. Then I gave it to the king.”
12 Then Joseph said, “I will explain the dream to you. The three branches stand for three days.
13 Before the end of three days the king will free you, and he will allow you to return to your work. You will serve the king his wine just as you did before.
14 But when you are free, remember me. Be kind to me, and tell the king about me so I can get out of this prison.
15 I was taken by force from the land of the Hebrews, and I have done nothing here to deserve being put in prison.”
16 The baker saw that Joseph’s explanation of the dream was good, so he said to him, “I also had a dream. I dreamed there were three bread baskets on my head.
17 In the top basket were all kinds of baked food for the king, but the birds were eating this food out of the basket on my head.”
18 Joseph answered, “I will tell you what the dream means. The three baskets stand for three days.
19 Before the end of three days, the king will cut off your head! He will hang your body on a pole, and the birds will eat your flesh.”
20 Three days later, on his birthday, the king gave a feast for all his officers. In front of his officers, he released from prison the chief officer who served his wine and the chief baker.
21 The king gave his chief officer who served wine his old position, and once again he put the king’s cup of wine into the king’s hand.
22 But the king hanged the baker on a pole. Everything happened just as Joseph had said it would,
23 but the officer who served wine did not remember Joseph. He forgot all about him.

I was excited about this dream I wanted to know the meaning. I wanted to know how this dream would affect my life was it a warning of an impending danger or one of good fortune. Good fortune in this context is the personification of chance regarding an activity that I was involved in.

There were two things that I could do. The first was to ignore the dream and let it go like so many dreams in the past. The second was to try and interpret the dream. I never displayed this gift/talent before, but I never tried before. My faith was not as strong as it is now. Like all children wanting to grow and learn, I had to try.
How could I interpret this dream? What tools did I process that would help me? I thought that I would call a friend who is learned in
biblical studies. But then I remembered

Philippians 3:3-4
3 We are the ones who are truly
circumcised. We worship God through his Spirit, and our pride is in Christ Jesus. We do not put trust in ourselves or anything we can do,
4 although I might be able to put trust in myself. If anyone thinks he has a reason to trust in himself, he should know that I have greater reason for trusting in myself.

Not to trust me. But to trust Christ and he would tell me the meaning as Joseph said in Genesis 40 vs. 8 “…God is the only One who can explain the meaning of dreams. …”

Now I have three tools The Word, Faith and Trust in God so now I am writing down what I believe are the key elements of the dream.

I picked these three elements:

• Sexual Desire,
• Man,
• Woman

This creature appeared to be all three.

The proposal:

• Do you want to be my cherry?

The Action:

• Removal of the cherry.

The Transformation:

• The penis to a clitoris.

I spent two hours reading the word and then took a break to smoke a cigar and play solitaire on my phone. I thought about my past, what is currently happening and my hope for the future. What did I desire that was both man and woman in this earthly realm? My desire for God is real in all I do I think of him, my actions and how I judge other men. This has not always been true, but it is now. I’m not what I used to be and not what he wants me to be. Each and every day I grow to be more like him. I soon realized it had to be my marriage. We are one, male and female and it is my strongest earthly desire to be married to my wife. Not just in words, but in the spirit.

The cherry is the physical love. The kind of love and marriage that is grounded in material things includes sex, money and possessions. These things can be corrupted by men. These are things that you can feel, taste, and see, not the basis for a spiritual marriage.

We were having an argument about the cherry, about an asset, and I wanted the asset. My desire was strong and she also wanted the asset. During this argument, the dream made sense to me. To give up my claim and desire for the asset, to sacrifice my need for the good of the family and depend on God to provide the help I needed.
Psalms 46 :1
1 God is our protection and our strength. He always helps in times of trouble.

For me the asset represented my hope for the future. But it was not based on faith; it was based on a material need. Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.

A Pastor once told his congregation that Jesus had come to him in a dream and told him that he would live ten more years and that Jesus would shake his hand while he was still living in this world. This is what I heard him say.

The congregation was awed by his remarks. I was shocked and angry. My bible tells me that me

Mark 13:32-37 (New Century Version)
32 “No one knows when that day or time will be, not the angels in heaven, not even the Son. Only the Father knows.

33 Be careful! Always be ready, because you don’t know when that time will be.

34 It is like a man who goes on a trip. He leaves his house and lets his servants take care of it, giving each one a special job to do. The man tells the servant guarding the door always to be watchful.

35 So always be ready, because you don’t know when the owner of the house will come back. It might be in the evening, or at midnight, or in the morning while it is still dark, or when the sun rises.

36 Always be ready. Otherwise he might come back suddenly and find you sleeping.

37 I tell you this, and I say this to everyone: ‘Be ready!’ “

I was angry with him but I shouldn’t have been. After all, he is only a Man and the battle is against the spirit. Good and evil are at war, not men. We are soldiers in this war. We choose sides and sometimes evil trickery will get us caught up. We think we are on the right side but we choose wrong, because we lack knowledge of the word.

The news describes three men drinking beer to find a material solution to a problem that is spiritually rooted. All three men committed sin, selfishness, stubbornness and pride. What makes it worse is a small evil spirit was planted in the minds of every American. Don’t trust. The systems that we have in place have asked us to take sides and that there are three sides. But really there are only two, good and evil.

Neither of the men showed real leadership

1 Peter 2:19 (Man one)
A person might have to suffer even when it is unfair, but if he thinks of God and can stand the pain, God is pleased.
Matthew 20:28 (Man two)
In the same way, the Son of Man did not come to be served. He came to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many people.”
Psalm 9:8 (Man Three)
and he will judge the world in fairness; he will decide what is fair for the nations.

If each man had fought The spiritual battle I think the outcome would have been different.

Their education and experiences blinded them. They lacked knowledge of the spiritual Word that comes from reading the Word and trusting in God’s commandment. Instead of seeing their own faults in this matter, they became stubborn and displayed false pride in their status and position. They trusted in the knowledge of men.

Can you see the signs? Can you see the images? Can you interpret dreams? Man’s knowledge has made us blind to the spiritual world and caused us to rely on the physical things that we can see. Before we commit an action, do we ask God to guide and lead us? Do we ask what would Christ do? Do we search the Word and our limited knowledge of the Word before we take an action? Do we pray do we ask God to let us be righteous in our action and reactions? If we did this then we can cast out the demons and perform the miracles that Christ said that we can do. Being a follower of Christ is a lifetime journey.

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