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So What Is This | Motor City Kings Home

So What Is This

A young man in his first year of college has 1000.00 in the bank. He goes to the bookstore and has 3 books to buy. He buys one book a bookbag and school supplies. He’s spends 207 dollars. So I asked him why didn’t you buy the other books. He said I’m not spending all my money! He dosen’t known that all his money comes from God. That all his blessing comes from God. And yes its true he has never worked a day in his life.

This is a child that doesn’t have a clue and one that can only see what is fron of his eyes. He has not thought this thing out. So let me tell you a little about him, he is gifted in he can read and write, he can add and subtract. He has the ability to use his past teachings to solve problems.

The problem with this child is he does not know what is important in this life. What is of value to him is what he has right now, it is of things he can touch and feel, things that can be taken away. In a heartbeat he would by a pair of shoes for 300 dollars. This is a thing that has no real substance no real value. It will not substand him or improve his life. It will not add to his knowledge or wisdom. He thinks he looks good and he does but only for one day that shoe will wear old or become stained all he will have left is a memory of what was. This is a memory of pride a false sense of joy that is not lasting. I look good right now but one day I will have nothing because I did not prepare myself for the life I could have.

The world tells us we should set goals for ourself and by setting a goal we can plan tasks to reach that goal. We will learn gather knowledge and prepare for our life when we reach the goal.

Why do they reject the thing of substance the same reason they reject God they want what they see now. They are unable to set goals or unwilling to work for the prize or run the race. They lack faith and don’t know the joy that comes in every situation. They are not loss they must and will learn that real value is the development of character that is in the image of God.

But we must also prepare for a life of eternity.

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