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Michal If only she knew | Motor City Kings Home

Michal If only she knew

Michal If only she knew

1 Peter 3: 1 In the same way, you wives should yield to your husbands. Then, if some husbands do not obey God’s teaching, they will be persuaded to believe without anyone’s saying a word to them. They will be persuaded by the way their wives live. 2 Your husbands will see the pure lives you live with your respect for God.3 It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful.4 No, your beauty should come from within you—the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that will never be destroyed and is very precious to God.

1 Samuel 13:13 Samuel said, “You acted foolishly! You haven’t obeyed the command of the LORD your GOD. If you had obeyed him, the LORD would have made your kingdom continue in Israel always,14 but now your kingdom will not continue. The LORD has looked for the kind of man he wants. He has appointed him to rule his people, because you haven’t obeyed his command.”

1 Samuel 16: 21 When David came to Saul, he began to serve him. Saul liked David and made him the officer who carried his armor.22 Saul sent a message to Jesse, saying, “Let David stay and serve me because I like him.”

1 Samuel 18:9 So Saul watched David closely from then on, because he was jealous.

What daughters learn from their fathers.

1 Samuel 18:20 Now Saul’s other daughter, Michal, loved David. When they told Saul, he was pleased.
21 He thought, “I will let her marry David. Then she will be a trap for him, and the Philistines will defeat him.”
So Saul said to David a second time, “You may become my son-in-law.”
22 And Saul ordered his servants to talk with David in private and say, “Look, the king likes you. His servants
love you. You should be his son-in-law.”
23 Saul’s servants said these words to David, but David answered, “Do you think it is easy to become the
king’s son-in-law? I am poor and unimportant.”

What price do you pay for a bride when she is the daughter of a King who is jealous of you?

24 When Saul’s servants told him what David had said,25 Saul said, “Tell David, ‘The king doesn’t want
money for the bride. All he wants is a hundred Philistine foreskins to get even with his
enemies.’ ” Saul planned to let the Philistines kill David.

David didn’t have money but he did have God on his side and he believed that the price for the bride was a bargain and accepted the offer.

26 When Saul’s servants told this to David, he was pleased to become the king’s son-in-law.

David was pleased to become the son-in law of the King

1 Samuel 18 27 So he and his men went out and killed two hundred Philistines. David brought all
their foreskins to Saul so he could be the king’s son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter
Michal for his wife.28 Saul saw that the LORD was with David and that his daughter
Michal loved David. 29 So he grew even more afraid of David, and he was
David’s enemy all his life.

Michal Loved David Did she love David more than God?

1 Samuel 19 11 Saul sent messengers to David’s house to watch it and to kill him in the morning. But
Michal, David’s wife, warned him, saying, “Tonight you must run for your life. If you don’t, you
will be dead in the morning.”12 So she let David down out of a window, and he ran away and
escaped.13 Then Michal took an idol, laid it on the bed, covered it with clothes, and put
goats’ hair at its head. 14 Saul sent messengers to take David prisoner, but Michal said, “He is
sick.” 15 Saul sent them back to see David, saying, “Bring him to me on his bed so I can kill him.”
16 When the messengers entered David’s house, they found just an idol on the bed with goats’
hair on its head. 17 Saul said to Michal, “Why did you trick me this way? You let my enemy go so
he could run away!” Michal answered Saul, “David told me if I did not help him escape, he would
kill me.”

Michal demonstrates her love for David

  1. Michal warns David and help him escape
  2. Lies to her Father twice
  3. Idol in her bed

Why is there an Idol in their house? We know that David loved God!

14 Long Years

David is off in the Hill hiding from Saul, Saul gives Michal to another.

1 Samuel 25:44 Saul’s daughter Michal was also David’s wife, but Saul had given her to Paltiel son of Laish, who was from Gallim.
Saul dies and David becomes King and war continues between David and the House of Saul. Abner makes peace with David king of Judah.
2 Samuel 3: 12 Then Abner sent messengers to ask David, “Who is going to rule the land? Make an agreement with me, and I will help you unite all Israel.”
Dave agrees with these stipulations
2 Samuel 3: 13 David answered, “Good! I will make an agreement with you, but I ask you one thing. I will not meet with you unless you bring Saul’s daughter Michal to me.”
14 years after his escape and 6 sons by multiple wives.
2 Samuel 3:14 Then David sent messengers to Saul’s son Ish-Bosheth, saying, “Give me my wife Michal. She was promised to me, and I killed a hundred Philistines to get her.”
2 Samuel 3:15-16 15 So Ish-Bosheth sent men to take Michal from her husband Paltiel son of Laish.16 Michal’s husband went with her, crying as he followed her to Bahurim. But Abner said to Paltiel, “Go back home.” So he went home.
Things are looking pretty good for David. Judah and Israel are united; Michal is back home with her true husband and the most important of all the Ark of the Covenant is in the City of David.

The Party
2 Samuel 6: 5 David and all the Israelites were celebrating in the presence of the Lord. They were playing wooden instruments: lyres, harps, tambourines, rattles, and cymbals.
2 Samuel 6 :14-16
14 Then David danced with all his might before the Lord. He had on a holy linen vest.15 David and all the Israelites shouted with joy and blew the trumpets as they brought the Ark of the Lord to the city.
16 As the Ark of the Lord came into the city, Saul’s daughter Michal looked out the window. When she saw David jumping and dancing in the presence of the Lord, she hated him.

David returns home

2 Samuel 6:21-23
21 Then David said to Michal, “I did it in the presence of the Lord. The Lord chose me, not your father or anyone from Saul’s family. The Lord appointed me to be over Israel. So I will celebrate in the presence of the Lord.22Maybe I will lose even more honor, and maybe I will be brought down in my own opinion, but the girls you talk about will honor me!” 23 And Saul’s daughter Michal had no children to the day she died.
David was harsh with Michal, but maybe not. Did Michal truly love God? If she did why didn’t she join David in his celebration to the Lord? Did she love the flawed man more then she loved God. If you Love a man more than God, you will always be in pain. David said if I want to make a fool of myself for God’s sake so be it. He asked are you jealous of my love for God? Then baby I bet you are jealous of these slave girls.

Son, in the woman you choose God is first in both of your lives. Michal had a reason to be hurt.  The men in her life had failed her.  But you must still honor God by obeying his commands.  The woman you choose must have a desire to serve God and honor God in-spite of the circumstances.

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