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Make Me New | Motor City Kings Home

Make Me New

Make Me New

-Refine my character, make me new, protect my kingdom, test me, if you find me worthy use me, make me new
Malachi 3:2

2 No one can live through that time; no one can survive when he comes. He will be like a purifying fire and like laundry soap.

Recently I was going through some things because of my sins I was fighting for my spiritual life. I was in the mist of a spiritual warfare. There was a hole in the wall of my kingdom and the gates to the kingdom were on fire. It seem that there was no escape Satan had surrounded my Kingdom his army was attacking me from all sides. I had loss all hope in my ability to protect my Kingdom. So I regroup and thought about my death.

When you think about death you must be alone because in a crowd even if the mob is one person you will be influenced by that presence. You total focus should be on the truth of your walk in this life in reference to the to the truth that the final judge will use to determine your final judgement. When you think about your death you don’t want to be influenced by the mob of this world. You want to be in the presence of the King of Kings, humbled by his glory seeking his mercy and grace. You want to be protected from the mob and delivered completely into the hands of the great judge.

The great judge will test your faith and your resolve he wants to know if he can use you, he wants to know your character, he wants to know if you are repented, can you give up your life to follow Christ, and can you die to self and live for him. If he judges you worthy then he can begin the process of washing you of purifying you. He will provide you the weapons to restore the wall and rebuild the Gates to protect your Kingdom.

Yes Satan surrounded my Kingdom but God delivered it from death because of his promise and his sacrifice of the Lamb of who is and was without sin. My faith became stronger my Kingdom became stronger their faith became stronger they help me and I help them. Because God was able to use me because of faith to help restore the wall and because of the faith of my kingdom they were able to restore the Gates. Together our faith made us stronger and we were able to cast out demons that were sent to destroy lust, greed, jealously pride and envy. We were able to humble ourself before the great judge and he gave us his mercy and grace he delivered us from our enemy. Yes he change us to make us more holy. Not perfect but more.

I learned to Love my wife like Christ love the Church. As my faith became stronger my marriage began to reflect the wisdom of God. I learn to give myself to my wife as Christ gave himself for us a new hope grew and from this new thing a new commitment and a deeper trust, love and desirer was formed.

My Kingdom, My home is a place of refuge and it is my job to protect the spirit of my body and to raise my children to love God. I cannot break this promise I must think about death.

Malachi 2:15
15God made husbands and wives to become one body and one spirit for his purpose—so they would have children who are true to God. So be careful, and do not break your promise to the wife you married when you were young.

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