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I want to be a better Father | Motor City Kings Home

I want to be a better Father

The First Change
I want to relate to my children. I want them to be able to think for themselves and to work and achieve their goals. I think my father got it right but I didn’t think so at the time. I felt like I was smarter then him way back then. He could do so many things he was a plumber, a carpenter, a pipe fiter their was nothing he couldn’t do. He was born in 1922. He was 18 years old in 1940 and was living on the family farm with his Dad and Mother. He served in world war II and moved north to Detroit in 1947 after marring my Mom who had three living children from her previous marriage.

The family roots, my roots started out in an agricultural society, a society of farmers, the first job my father had was as a laborer on my Grandfather’s farm. Its funny because I remember going to his farm in the 60’s and we would pump water from a well to take a bath and we would have to go to the outhouse to use the toilets.

In 1947 many people came north from the south and work in the automobile industry and northern factories the Industrialization of American. So now we are a society where the men are away at work and the children are at home with their mothers. This is the world I grew up in my father would go to work as a boiler operator. And we, my brothers and I stayed home and played all day when not in school.

When my father was a child his days must have been very different and I’ll tell you why. When we go back south we would stay with my uncle who like my Grandfather still had a farm and my cousins that still live on the farm would get up a 4Am eat breakfast and walk the cows to the pasture. I thought it was fun. They on the other hand were sleepy and tired, working very hard to get the job done so they could move on to their next task. Which could be hunting for eggs, milking the cows and killing chickens for dinner. Their fun was playing tricks on us the city boys or watching us chase the chickens around the yard until we fall down in the red clay.

My uncle had a job at the cement factory and would go to work in the morning and my cousins had the run of the farm. Which ment to take care of things including me. My Anut would cook and clean. For two weeks each year until I turn 15 years old these were some of the best years of my life. My cousin began leaving the farm and going off to college, joining the army and finding  jobs. My uncle and grandfather got older and could not maintain the farm. The land was sold and they died. This was the end of the agricultural era for my family they were close because they needed each other and depended on each other. The Church was relevant because it provided needs of communion it was a place where families connected and people showed compassion to one another for a life of struggle.

There is something to say about hard work its dosen’t leave time for an idle brain.

The second change

Industrial to Technological


The Third Change

Technological to Informational



In one life time less the 50 years the state of the world has change 3 times no wonder the church is having a hard time keeping up.  As soon aas the Pastor get it a new attack is launched.  Not that the changes are bad but we do not understand them in our communities and church.  Young people jump on.

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