I Left My Life!

I Left My Life!

I left my life. Yea! not afraid to say it and can’t say I did it on my own. I was force to leave! No my wife didn’t kick me out. I left on my own to find a new life. My old life was sick and I had to find a way to heal it. I abandoned everything for the sake of the kingdom of God. When I began this journey I can’t remember, I was not in control. I made many mistakes on this journey. I learn to trust and to love God first.

I had to leave my wife she was all in my head. You didn’t do this and you didn’t do that. What kind of man are you. You use to do this and you use to do that. So where is the King I married. I listen and I listen to the words and it just didn’t fit me.

I had to leave my children. My sons would ask for this and that and I would give this and that. The more I gave the more they wanted and soon they became proud and arrogant. What I couldn’t give they would take. I would get them out of trouble and stand up for them. My children were sick and I had to leave.

Everyday trouble was in my home my home was sick and all I could hear was what kind of man are you. you’re not my father. I believe I loved my wife and children but they hated me. What kind of man was I. I hoped for the best and wanted the best for them. How could I heal my home.

I became a stranger to my family. They didn’t know me.

Luke 18:29-30
29 Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, all those who have left houses, wives, brothers, parents, or children for the kingdom of God 30 will get much more in this life. And in the age that is coming, they will have life forever.”

I had to abandon them, to leave them I had to heal myself. I had to restore my temple and build up the gate so I could lead them. Everyday I listen and felt their pains, my sins, my hurt, their sins I struggled and wrestled with them I was not in control. When they hurt me I was tempted to do wrong. I take my pain and my sins and retire to my closet. I abandon them and seek refuge with God. I leave my trouble with God and learned to control my body and live in the way of Christ.

I learn to love GOD first
I learn to be a husband
I learn to love you
I learn to turn the other cheek.
I learn not to make promises
I learn to say no
I learn to think about death
I learn to pray and study everyday(daily sacrifice)
I learn to seek the poor
I learn the truth is better than a lie
I learn the half truth is a lie
I learn the battle is not between flesh and blood
I learn to live the life style of the King.

I learn everyday, I die a little everyday so I you can live in me and keep me humble.

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