I Can’t Do This Any More!

I can’t do this anymore I just can’t this thing is too big for me.  I’m tired and want to rest.  Everywhere I go I see people doing what God said not do.  So much sin and sickness in this world, in this city on this block all I can do is close my eyes and feel the pain in my heart for the people I love.   Why God do they do what is not right.  The dealer sells to his brothers for money the brother uses for a temporary and false high.  The fathers and mothers sadness takes away the spirit and hope for a daughter’s future.

This thing is too much for me.  A great sadness and a great sorrow has overtaken me as I look into the world and see the people I love lose their homes and their Jobs.  Husband and wives separate and leave their children.   This thing is too much for me.  They do what God does not allow my heart cries out for the people I Love.

Oh God, Oh God it is I!  I feel all alone, I am sad and full of sorrow.  I been here and I been there and I feel all alone even though I know you are with me.   Here I am again praying a selfish pray thinking only of myself, my sadness and sorrow for the things I see, happening to the people I love.   Praying to you this selfish pray Help me, Help me so I may cure the sick and the people I love.  Again I must face the truth and think on why my mission and service has made me sad and full of sorrow.    Because of my vanity I pray that you help me.  What a fool I am. I ask that you give me power.

Instead of thinking about myself and the power I want you to give me to heal my people I should have pray to you who own the people I love to send more workers to shepherd the people,  I love and you own.  Instead I should pray for the Shepherds that care for the people, I love and you own that you give them the power that Jesus gave the 12 and the authority to drive out evil and to heal the people I love.  I pray that you help them grow in faith, wisdom and love.  I pray that their service will be unselfish and in your will.

I can’t do this without you I can’t do this without you the Rock.  I pray that you will give me the keys to heaven so I will not do now what are not allowed to done in heaven.  I pray that I will do on earth what you will allow in heaven.  I pray I will live the righteous life healing the poor and sick in spirit.   I pray I will lift up and never tear down what is righteous.  I Pray I will understand what is true and just.  Help me oh God to build on you my rock and my hope.  Help me to live and die as for your righteous cause.   Again I pray the selfish pray.  Oh God; my God send more shepherds to Care for the people I love and the people you own.

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