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Find the question and then answer:

Find the question and then answer:


I believe that God exist and interacts with human beings and because I believe, I also believe that the Bible is the single most important method by which God can communicate his knowledge and will to us.   It is not the only method by which he communicates, but for human being it is a tool that teaches us how to approach God throne of mercy and how to relate to his creations.   I have not forgotten about Prayer and its power but you must know and remember the “Prayers of a righteous man avails much” how do we know that, we know that because we heard it or read it in the bible.  So how do we become a righteous man we know that through the scriptures.  The Bible tells us about God, about sin, how to relate to God and one another, how to live in this world, prepare for and achieve life everlasting.  Without a bible we would not have a guide or map for achieving the purpose and end goal of this life.   A reasonable question to ask is what is the purpose of this life I can only answer in this way.   That purpose of this life is to be in God’s will.  I cannot answer for you what his will and purpose is for you.  What I can tell you is the model I used for gaining knowledge for finding God’s will and purpose for me.


First and foremost you must believe in God.  If you believe that God exist then you will have a desire to know him.  To know him you should read his words.  We are often told that the bible contains the words of God.  Faith is not blind and God is not hidden if our eyes are open we will see his wonders and the evidence of his existence all around us.   He is invisible to the eye but his external power and divine nature is plan to see he created the world, the creatures in it and the laws that control its existence.  He made it so by his words.


Even those that believe that the Bible is not the word of God believe that their is a power or force that created the world and all in it.  So they question the Bible because it was written by men.  In this view they question that the book is without error because they believe that men are flaw creations.   This is true men are flawed but they forget that when God is working with men, God is using men for his will and purpose the words and character of God can be expressed even through the worst of his creations.  So the question that men, you need to know and proved for yourselves is the bible the true words of God.


What is the Bible?


Your faith is not blind so let’s test the Holy Bible for ourselves it is believed that their are at least 40 Authors that have contribute to the writing of the Bible in a span of over 2100 years.  No book in existence has received as much scrutiny as the Bible, Men and Women are willing to give their lives to protect and live by it.  It has proven to be a light for many.    Take a look at what men have said of the Bible.  So the question we must ask is the Holy Bible an inspired book written by men or a book written by men inspired by God.  So what is this book and how does it effect the lives of the readers?


The Bible is a rule book  by which all men shall be judge but it is also much more than that is the book that give guidance to men as to how they should relate to God and to one another. Lets us take a look at the first five books of bible it is believed to have been written by Moses and is called the history of the Patriarchs.  In these books we learn how the universe was created and how all thing was create by God and for his pleasure, will and purpose.  In the first book you learn how man fell from grace and how sin was came in this world.  You also will learn how sin took over the world and how a humble man Noah save the world because of his faith and belief in God.   You will also read about the promise that was given to a family that believed in God and trusted him not that they were without sin but that they trusted him enough and knew he was the one true God and turn to him to guide them.   It tells us how the chosen family arrive and became a people in Egypt and their struggle to live in and leave a land the were held captive for 400 years.   God gave them a leader in Moses who would lead them out of the land and toward the promised land.  It tells us of his faults and he just like us was saved by God’s grace and mercy because no many is perfect.  He was a man with both a public and personnel life that he had to contend with.  He was a man no different from us.  Except maybe unlike some of us he had a relationship with God.  This man Moses was given a tool which all men should used as a guide for living their life and that tool is God Commandments.   God laws the first 10 commandments told men first how they should relate to God and second how they should relate to one another.


God didn’t stop there he continued to show us with example after example of his goodness, kindness, forgiveness and redemption to a people as they learn to relate to a God they did not understand.  For 400 years the chosen people were slaves to a people that worshipped false god’s and they were dependent upon them to provide for their needs.   God in his wisdom knew that his people needed a new education, that they needed to be prepared to have a relationship with the one true God and the promise which belong to them.   So he inspired men to write down the laws, the examples of the do’s and don’t the only leaving and breathing words of God the self help book of Godly knowledge and wisdom to those that believe.

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