An Act of God

God created the heaven and earth, He created all things, He knows all things. He knows you and me, we live for his glory and will. Even those that do not know him serve at his pleasure. When the chosen kingdom turned against him when they fail to listen and refuse to worship and follow his commands. God sent a prophet Jeremiah to tell Judah about the next 70 years. The prophet told Judah that God’s servent the Babylon king Nebuchadnezzar would come and make a wasteland against the surrounding nations and the whole country would become a wasteland and serve the Babylon for 70 years.

Even with this going on God did not forget his promises to Israel, even though they did not keep there promise to God, there part of the bargain. He told Israel that the captivity would be for 70 years.

In those 70 years he did not forsake Israel he though he gave them a cup of the wine full of wrath to drink for 70 years. But there was nothing, no one and no event would take God’s promise away from Israel.

God would bring men and women that he knew to save kingdom and the promise in times of trouble. God prepared the men and women to stand and intervene for God’s will, for his glory and his purpose. He put them in places so that his promise to his people could be kept. God uses all he has created form the beginning of the world to help those he love. Even though the ones he love turn their back to him because they could not see or understand that he is the true God.

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