A Fool in The Making

Follow God’s Way

1 Samuel 13:13
13 Samuel said, “You acted foolishly! You haven’t obeyed the command of the Lord your God. If you had obeyed him, the Lord would have made your kingdom continue in Israel always, 14 but now your kingdom will not continue. The Lord has looked for the kind of man he wants. He has appointed him to rule his people, because you haven’t obeyed his command.”

Sometimes we will be faced with trouble. Trouble will be all around us our human support will start to leave us. In the mist of all this trouble we will forget what God has done for us and start to think we can move without God. We will think that we have done this thing on our own. We forget about God.

God wants us to be humble he creates discomfort because we began to think that we can do this thing without God. I’m not saying we stop believing in God but we start to think that God is following us. We think that we can do whatever we want and he will help us to get this thing done.

When trouble surround us and no matter which way we turn there is trouble. We are so consumed by the trouble we forget about God. Some times we have to slow down and wait on God to find the way. Sometimes we have to suffer a little before we grow in God glory. We just need to have faith as God works his plan.

Saul was on the battlefield surrounded by trouble he couldn’t wait on God. Saul was arrogant and proud and he couldn’t wait on the prophet to offerer the sacrifice. So he did it himself so. God could no longer use this man.

Follow God’s way don’t lean or stand on your own. Follow his commands and seek his knowledge. Humble yourself before him.

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