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What is cyber-begging? | Motor City Kings Home

What is cyber-begging?

What is cyber-begging?

It is the internet methodology for panhandling or asking for money. When you see a donate button on the screen of a web site, it is panhandling. The person is begging for money on the digital highway, waiting for someone to pass by and find their site. The line usually begins, “if you like my site please donate and help me to build it and make it better”. In other words, he is asking for money. But what he is really selling is his intellectual property, his ideas and beliefs. I dare to say it’s entertainment. Why else do we search the web? We search the web looking for things to fill our minds, pass our time, to entertain, to grow spiritually and intellectually. Unfortunately, man becomes what he thinks. If he fills his mind with things that have no substance, then he will become a man with no substance and that is the danger of a web site.

Let’s get back on track!

Why do people search for gold on the super highways of the Internet? Think about it, it’s a panhandlers dream come true. It’s an opportunity to get $1.00 from every person that uses a computer.

On June 30, 2009 the following reports (charts) were released on World Internet Stats web site. The first chart showing where the Internet users are and the second showing how many users. The total number of users is approaching 2 billion.


Next, some history and forms of cyber panhandling.

Just think, what if you could stand on the corner and collect $1.00 from 2 billion people passing by. Realistically, you can’t stand on a corner in Detroit and do that. But my corner is a digital corner called MotorCityKings.com and I could attract 2 billion people. The question is, will I be able to? My answer, if it is God’s will.

The first form of cyber-begging is the appeal for money. I need to raise 5000..00 for a breast implant, or my child has cancer. These are transitive panhandlers. They stay around until they reach their goal and disappear. They have a purpose and after achieving that goal they go away. You don’t know if they used the gifts received for the purpose they intended or not. I image this to be like the guy approaching you at a service station begging for spare change and taking that change to buy a bottle of wine.

The next form is selling a product but not having the means to market and create demand for the product. In the early days of personal computers, a software product was developed such as the case with Phil Katz ‘pkzip’ an archiving program. I don’t know if it is true or not. But I believe that this developer felt that there was a great need to create an archiving program to reduce file size, so he could move data from one computer to another or save it in case something would happen to the original file. In the early days, many peoply may have felt this kind of program wasn’t needed. Corporations would pay for such a product, but individuals weren’t willing to pay. The product was given to the public for free and he asked for donations. He would then use the donation to pay for development of new releases.

Another form of donation is experimental. This is the guy that wants to collect donations just because his goal is to collect 1 million dollars, or $1.00 from a million people, just to say he can. I don’t know what happens to this guy. Maybe he achieves his goal, Maybe he just disappears into cyber space.

There are many variations of seeking out donations from strangers on the Internet.

Now I want to tell you my reason, and it didn’t happen overnight. In one of my business trips to Jamaica, we were to meet the Minister of Health. It was a very busy time for him and his party. The PNP party was in convention and he was in many meetings and presiding over several committees. He told us that he really wanted to meet with us and to help us to do business in Jamaica. My partners and I were really excited in meeting with him, so he could explain the many processes and cultures of doing business there.

The minister suggested that we come to the convention and he would slip out and meet with us. We accepted his invitation and six of us travelled in three cars to the National Arena where the convention was taking place, I was using a PNW packable backpack to pack more effectively for these trips. I didn’t know what to expect, but believed that all were sincere in doing business in Jamaica and in doing a good work.

We arrived at the National Arena around ten in the morning and already there were 20 thousand people. There were 10 thousand in the arena and 10 thousand outside in 95 degree weather. The drivers of the cars that brought us to the arena were members of a security team and well known, they had multiple business cars waiting for us, here for example you will find the kind of cars they used.

They were close by, in case we needed them, but far enough away not to create interest in us or our presence. On many outings, I used security. First, because of lack of knowledge in the culture and slight differences in language. Also, because they knew their way around.

We wanted to promote good will and excitement about our company every place that we visited. As I mingled and talked with people, they all expressed their excitement in our product. Many were critical of the party, but their hope was that after the convention a stronger leadership would be formed and would address the problems that had plagued the country. All that I talked hoped for better economic and material success and an end to the corruption that plagued the country. They hoped for just leadership and honest work with dignity and respect for all. I too was excited. I was hoping for a level playing field and a honest relationship with the people that I was doing business with.
I was then approached by an older woman. She said to me “blessed morning, may I beg you?” I didn’t understand her question and asked her to repeat it several times. Then one of the security people approached me and whispered in my ear, “she is begging for money”. So I reached into my pocket to give her $100.00 Jamaican, about $1.60 USD. But all of a sudden, the sun became extremely bright and I couldn’t see the color of the money, nor the note value. I gave the woman $1000.00 Jamaican ($16.00 USD). My security then told me I gave her $1000.00. I was sick to my stomach and shaking my head when another woman approached me and also said, “blessed morning, may I beg you?” Security whispered in my ear again, “you will have to give this woman the same as you gave the first”. My mind went blank for a moment, and then I heard the first woman say “No sister don’t beg him; I will give you half of what he gave me!”. I was relieved! The rest of my trip no one else begged me for money.

Sometime later in a dream I relived that moment, but this time a revelation occurred! On the news earlier, I heard that another automobile supplier was coming out of bankruptcy. A few minutes into the story, the newscaster said that the company was going to pay the top executives $20 million dollars in bonuses. I wondered how many jobs could be saved if the executives put that $20 million back into the company. I wondered why the executives needed the money now. They said we will be all right, we just need to reorganize and the company will be profitable as the economy turns around. They talk as if they have faith, but their actions are contrary to their talk. They eliminated people and took the money. If you have faith of turnaround, why not keep the people working and sacrifice the money? Why not be a good steward to the people which you have authority over? Isn’t that what God asked us to do? It makes sense to me, that if people are working and spending money because of their faith that their needs will be met and demand would grow and more jobs would be created. It makes sense that if you have no job you won’t spend money. For some people, they love playing casino to win money, but not all of them has the luck for the game. For instance, William J. Bennett lost millions in casinos due to a gambling problem.

One more thing!

How much money do you need anyway? How much do you need to be happy? How much money do you need to have peace? Be thankful for what you have. Use your wealth to help the poor in spirit to grow and learn about a living God. Help them to develop their spirit and know that through work and study they can have peace and joy. Teach them that material possessions will not make them happy or improve their character. Possessions only corrupt and create a desire for more of these things. It will not satisfy your hunger. Help them to develop their spiritual talents. Too many people worship money and will do anything to take from others. Our work should be God’s work. We should take what little we have and support our families and God’s work. As we accumulate wealth, use that wealth to help a child of God. Take a sinner like me and give them knowledge of the word and use the word in your actions and deeds.

So why should you donate to this site? Most of this site has been created using open source software. When I received donations, I gave a little back to the authors that have the software. I also used models, male and female that I pay.. I will give events and use the money from those events to continue to build and help people to learn about the true and living God. I want to buy products to sell on this site and the profit earned will be used in development, improvement and site content. As I go about my business I am learning more about the character of those who contributed to the development and content and those people that I highly regard I will use their products and services over and over.

I will use the profits and income to improve the quality and services I present. Most importantantly, this site will give honor and praise to God. Don’t worry if you don’t believe in God. He is patient. I know because he has enduring love for me, despite all of my faults. If he can bring me to this place, he can surely bring you to the place that he wants you to be.

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