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The King's Morning | Motor City Kings Home

The King’s Morning

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The King’s Morning

On most mornings I wake at 3:30 AM . I don’t know why , but I do. Sometimes I try to go back to sleep , but I CAN’T. I toss and turn and I plead , please let me sleep . Please Lord , let me sleep. But a voice comes back Son it’s time to study, it’s time to read, it’s time to pray. So I tell myself that I’m going to read for 15 minutes and pray for a minute but it ends up much longer and before I know it, it’s 5:30 am.

The window is open and I hear the birds singing and I feel at peace. Thank you for the birds. My sons and wife will be waking soon to prepare for school and work. I think of my mother and the mornings when she would prepare breakfasts for me and my father and brothers. Thank you for my mother my brothers, my father thank you.

I take the bacon and links out of the fridge and place in a frying pan two pieces of bacon for me, one piece for the wife, one piece for the little son and four links for the bigger son. As the bacon and links are frying in the pan a sweet savory smell fills the house. Thank you Lord for my children, for my wife, thank you for walking with me for putting you r arms around my family . Please Lord accept me this day and forgive me of my sins.

I put the coffee on and the nutty and strong aroma mixes with the sweet savory smell of the meat and I say Thank You inside my head but it’s so loud it scares me . But I quickly calm down. I am totally consumed in fire now by stirring grits, grating cheese, scrambling eggs.

The wife and children come down fix their plates and say grace, eat and then off to work and school. Thank you Lord one more time!

The wife and children are off . It’s time for me to prepare for my day. I run upstairs and start water in tub. I go to bedroom and take a suit and shirt out of closet, under clothes out of dresser drawer and lay them on the bed. Please Lord prepare me for this day.

I run off to bath room to turn water off in tub. I sit in the tub and with a soapy rag and begin to wash . Please Lord Wash away my sins . Let me not be greedy this day . Help me to understand . Let me be honest in my affairs . Help me to recognize your signs and will. May my actions be pleasing to you . Let men judge me by your word and I them. I dedicate this day to you I am fully devoted to your will and your truth. I will obey your laws, I will seek your knowledge and understanding . I will ask for forgiveness . I will praise your Holy Name . I thank you for your son and his gift. He gave his life intentionally and willingly for me and had he not I would be sentenced to death by the law. His death and resurrection fulfilled the law . My acceptance of him as my Lord and Savior renewed my spirit and made me immune to death by the law , but grants me everlasting life by my Savior Grace. Thanks be to you for this Day.

Langston Jones

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