Genesis 13 Back to Where He First Build an Altar

Genesis 13:3-4

Read Genesis 13:3-4

Abarm went to Negev then he travels from place to place. He is now back at Bethel a place he had been before between Bethel an Ai.  He came to the  place where he had pitched his tent before and he had build an Altar to the Lord. He had done this before he went to Egypt and met Pharaoh .

This place was in the land of Canaan and the Canaanite lived in the land.  God had promised him when he was here before that his seed would become a great nation.  That was why he build an altar here so he could worship the Lord.  Then the famine came and he went to Egypt.

He was 75 years old when he first came to this place so how old is he now?

This is a place where the Lord had spoken to him and he had build an altar and prayed to the Lord.  This place is special to him and I am sure he was seeking it because this is where he had made a vow to Lord.   He traveled place to place until he came to it. In this place he called on the name  of  the Lord.

No mention of the altar being used this time,  only that the altar was here.  Did Abarm remove the altar so the canaanite would not used and defile it?  I think so as a leader you must protect your worship and your relationship with God.  You want it to stay clean and pure.

Do you remember when men first called on the Lord?  In Genesis 4:26 Seth had a son and called him Enosh then men began to call on the Lord.

Do you remember the first Altar? When God made the covenant with Moses,  Moses build an Altar.  When God told Abarm his descendance would be given the land he build an altar.


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