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Genesis 13 Abarm goes South | Motor City Kings Home

Genesis 13 Abarm goes South

Genesis 13

   Abarm leaves Egypt goes to Negel .  He is with his wife and all his possession    Lot was with Him.

They went south.

Abarm is rich he has livestock, silver and gold.

Remember Chapter 12

God told Abarm to Go.  Abarm told Sarai to act as his sister. Pharaoh takes Sarai into his house. Pharaoh Reward Abarm with possessions.  Pharaoh household is cursed with plagues by God. Pharaoh discovered that Abarm is married to Sarai. Pharaoh is surprised that Abarm did not tell him that Sarai was his wife and Pharaoh asked Abarm why did you bring this curse on me and many more questions.  The bottom line Abarm was afraid for his life because Sarai was beautiful.  Pharaoh was afraid and did not want the curse that God had place on his household so he looked at his options.

Pharaoh had several course of actions :

  1.  Do nothing and continue to live his life as if nothing has happen
    1. He would continue to bring ruin on himself and his family
    2. The plagues would continue
  2. Pharaoh could kill Abarm and take Sarai for his wife
    1. God is all powerful -God caused the plagues he could do much worse
    2. Pharaoh was afraid of God power
    3. Pharaoh knew God was protecting Abarm and Sarai
  3. Pharaoh Let Abarm Go
    1. Hoped that God would release the plague
    2. Please God by letting Abarm  and allow Abram to keep the possession given
    3. Maybe God will lift the curse from his household

Pharaoh thought about what he was going to do.  The fact that he was in a situation, his house was suffering from plagues and he now knew something about the relationship between Abarm and Sarai.  That he had been lied to. He still had to make a decision so that all would not be destroyed.   He did not let his emotion consume him, his desire take over him.  He felt his household was bigger then him and  needed saving.

We know something that Abarm and Pharaoh don’t know.  God has a plan and he reveal some of that plan to these two individuals.  He had already told Abarm about the promise. He reveal to Pharaoh the plagues that would setup for the deliverance of a future people .   Maybe if Pharaoh had keep records and a history of the events that took place in this time a future Pharaoh would not have though he was greater then the God of I AM.

Pharaoh choose option 3 he must have felt that was the best choice for him, his house, and his family.

We as God’s  people need to know and have a relationship with God so that we will know how to make decision based on God will and purpose for our life.  The only way to know that is to know what he has done for the people who he has appointed to received the promise.    Even those that don’t know God can be move by his power and his will.

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