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Genesis 12 | Motor City Kings Home

Genesis 12

Today we are going to remove the  verse numbers .   So you must read Genesis 12.

This what we know.

Ur of the Chaldeans is an  idolatrous country.

Abarm father is Terah.  Terah has moved  to  Harran on his way to Canaan .   Terah he was 205 years old and dies in Harran.

He had with his  son Abram and Grandson Lot.

Haran  Abarm Brother was Lot’s father and he is  dead.

Nahor,  Abarm other brother  remains in Ur.

Abarm wife is Sarai

Lot is with them.

Genesis 12

The Lord said to Abram :

  • Abarm leave your father house,  your country,  and  your people .
  • I’m going to show you a place
  • make you a great nation
  • I’m going to bless you
  • bless those that bless you
  • curse those who curse you
  • all the people on earth will be blessed by you
Abarm did what God called him to do
  • He left  his father’s house, his country, and his people
  • Lot went with him
  • Abarm was 75 years old when he left Harran
He left with :
  • his wife Sarai
  • his nephew Lot
  • All the possessions they accumulated
  • people they had acquired
They Left Harran  and arrived in Canaan
  • he went to the great tree of  Moreh at Shechem
  • The land was inhabited by the Canaanites
  • The Lord appeared to Abarm
    • Blessed him  told Abarm To your offspring I will give this land
    • Abarm built an altar to the Lord
He left  the great tree of  Moreh at Shechem
  • He went toward the hills east of Bethel
  • Pitched a tent west of Bethel and east of Ai
  • There he build an Altar
  • Call on the Lord
Abarm leaves and goes to Negev
  • But their is a severe famine in the land
  • Goes to Egypt to lieve for awhile
  • Before he enter Egypt he tell His wife Sarai his wife
    • Your beautiful
    • They will kill me and take you if you tell them we are married
    • Tell them you are my sister  so I will be treated well
    • My life will be spared because of you
  • Abarm enters Egypt
    • Egyptians see Sarai Beauty
    • Tells Pharaoh
    • Takes her to Pharaoh’s palace
  • Abarm is treated well
    • Acquire sheeps and cattle
    • menservants
    • maidservants
    • Camels
  • The Lord intervened
    • Serious diseases inflected Pharaoh’s Household
    • because of Abarm wife
  • Pharaoh summoned Abarm
    • What have you done to me?
    • Why didn’t you tell me?
      • She was you wife
    • Why did you say she was you sister?
      • I took her for my wife!
    • Take her and Go
      • Pharaoh ordered his men about Abarm
      • He sent Abarm  away with everything he had



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