Genesis 11:1-9 What About The Tower?

Read Genesis 12:2,3 and v7

Also read my Bible Study notes “Unto Thy Seed I will Give This Land”  Several things you should take away from the reading .

God is in control.

  1. He created.
  2. Caused the flood
  3. Choose the creations he wanted to save
  4. Choose the nation he wanted to lead
  5. He is working his plan

What has occurred on Earth .

  1. Cod created man  in his image

→ Satan temped man and man  falls.  –The  Time of  Innocence

→ The first murder Cain and Able.  man continues to fall  — The time of  Conscience

→  The Flood

→ The Creation of Nations — Human Government

This is  not by accident,  The things that are taking place in this world are happing because God is in control.

If we would just have a relationship with him, faith in him and give him control of our lives, stop  fighting against him we already be  in the Kingdom.  Man has a lot to learn and we need to study.


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