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Genesis 11 | Motor City Kings Home

Genesis 11

In chapter 1 God created the universe.  He created man and woman and said they were good.  He created male and female in every species.   He did not create man with man.  He did not create woman with woman.

Today men want to be with men and women want to be with women.   This kind of thinking can not be healthy to the mind, soul or spirit.  How can you love God and think that he wants you to be with another person of the same gender.   In order  for you to love the father there must be structure and boundary.  The father sets the structure and the boundary,  he gives them to us in his word.  He has given us his word so we may learn and be able to keep his commandment.  It is the doctrines ,  and precepts   that are contain in 66 books of the bible that tell us how to live in this world until he returns.

So far he created the world the first time from nothing. then he destroyed  it with the flood.  He commanded and instructed Noah on how to save it by taking  male and female of every species.   Something about water that covered the world.  In the first creation there was water and the second.   He moved the waters and he stirred the water.  There something about the water. Or at least coming out of the water.

Genesis 11

  1. The whole world
    1. had one language and a common speech.
  2. The people moved eastward, 
    1. to  a plain in Shinar
    2.  and settled there.
  3. They said to each other,
    1. “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.”
    2. They used brick instead of stone,and tar for mortar.
  4. Then they said,
    1.  “Come, let us build ourselves a city,
    2. with a tower that reaches to the heavens
    3. ,so that we may make a name for ourselves;
    4.  otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”
  5.  But the Lord came down to see the city
    1. the tower the people were building.
  6. The Lord said
    1. “If  one people speaking the same language
    2. they have begun to do this,
    3. then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.
  7. The Lord said let us go down
    1. confuse their language
    2. They will not understand each other.”
  8. So the Lord scattered them
    1. from there over all the earth,
    2. they stopped building the city.
  9. That is why it was called Babel
    1. —because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world.
    2.  the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.
  10. This is the account of
    1. Shem’s family line.
    2. Two years after the flood,
    3. Shem was 100 years old
    4. he became the father of Arphaxad.
  11. After Arphaxad birth
    1. Shem lived 500 years
    2.  had other sons and daughters.
  12. When Arphaxad  was 35 years when
    1. he became the father of Shelah.
  13. After  Shelah birth,
    1. Arphaxad lived 403 years
    2. had other sons and daughters.
  14.  Shelah  was 30 years,
    1. Shelah son  Eber was born .
  15. After Eber birth,
    1. Shelah lived 403 years
    2. Shelah had  other sons and daughters.
  16. Eber  was 34 years old,
    1. Eber was the father of Peleg.
  17. After  Peleg birth,
    1. Eber lived 430 years
    2. Eber had other sons and daughters.
  18. Peleg  was 30 years,
    1. he became the father of Reu.
  19. After Reu birth,
    1. Peleg lived 209 years
    2. Peleg had other sons and daughters.
  20. Reu was  32 years,
    1. Reu is  the father of Serug.
  21. After  Serug birth,
    1. Reu lived 207 years
    2. Reu had other sons and daughters.
  22.   Serug was 30 years,
    1. when became the father of Nahor.
  23. After Nahor Birth
    1. Serug lived 200 years
    2. Serug had other sons and daughters.
  24. Nahor was  29 years old,
    1. When  he became  father of Terah.
  25. After Terah birth,
    1. Nahor lived 119 years
    2. Nahor had  other sons and daughters.
  26.  Terah was 70 years,
    1. He was the  father of
    2. Abram,
    3. Nahor
    4. Haran.
  27.  Terah’s family line.
    1. Terah  was  father of
      1. Abram,
      2. Nahor
      3. Haran.
    2. Haran is the father of Lot.
  28. Terah was  alive
    1. When Haran died in Ur of the Chaldeans,
    2.  land of his birth.
  29. The Sons of Terah were married
    1. Abram
    2.  Nahor
    3.  Abram’s wife was Sarai,
    4. Nahor’s wife was Milkah;
      1. daughters of Haran
        1. Milkah and
        2. Iskah.
  30. Sarai was childless
    1. not able to conceive.
  31. Terah took His son  Abram,
    1. His grandson Lot son
    2. Who’s Father was Haran,
    3. Terah took his daughter-in law Sarai
    4. the wife of his son Abram,
    5. They were going to Canaan
    6. But they settled in  Harran
  32. Terah lived 205 years
    1. he died in Harran.

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