Genesis 1-9 overview

What do we know?

Let’s take some  time and think about the first nine chapters before we enter chapter 10. A little overview.  Just to get a feel of what is going on in the world, let’s see if we can know something about God and the purpose of our life.

There was nothing.

  1. God spoke and he created heaven and Earth.
    1. Spirit of God over the waters
    2. man and woman were created
      1. man received life from God breath
        1. man is special because God breath life into him
      2. man was made in God image
      3. man is like God and represents God
        1. Appointed over the rest of Creation
          1. gave names to animals and plants
    3. At this time we do not know fully who God is
      1. God’s spirit over the water
      2. the “us” that is God’s image
      3. They have not been revealed
    4. God’s loved us.
      1. He looked at his creation and said it was good
      2. he provided man with all he needed
      3. he wants a fellowship with us
        1. but he does not need us
        2. we can know him
        3. we can enjoy him
    5. The first man was created without sin.
      1. he sinned and rejected God
      2. after the first man sinned the nature of man became sinful
      3. God still wants a relationship with us
      4. It is how we response to him that prevents us from having one
        1. Cain sacrifice
        2. Cain response
      5.  God saw man wickedness
        1. Because he loved us
        2. He rescues us
          1. The Flood and the covenant made to Noah
            1. He has a plan but not yet revealed
        3.  Again he gives man authority over the earth
        4. Ham response to Noah nakedness
        5. Shem and Japheth response
        6. It’s our response to the purpose and will of God
          1. Gives us fellowship with God
          2. man was made in God’s Image
          3. man represent God
      6. What Next Chapter 10 God’s plan “The building of Nations”



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