Chapter 15 — What do we know?

Genesis 15

Read Genesis 15

Somethings to remember

  •  Sin entered the world through Adam.
  • The world became extremity wicked – Cain and Abel 
  • God chose Noah and he builds an ark.
  • God caused the flood and the Ark saves the world.
  • God choices a leader that would bring a savior into the world and save the world.
  • He prepares the leader, a nation and the world to receive the King the savior of the world.
  • Today he prepares his children and the world to receive the 2nd coming of the King.
  • In 14 Chapter Abram takes his trained men 318 in fact, and he plans and implement his plan to destroys the 4 kings, take back his brother Lot and his possessions, the 5 kings possessions and the possessions of 4 kings.   Abram was within his right to keep everything but he didn’t.
  • This is what he did he gave a tenth of everything to God high priest, Melchizedek king of Salem and he asked the 5 kings to give to those who followed him their share, Aner, Eshkol and Mamre.
  • He told the king of Sodom I have sworn an oath to the Lord God I would take nothing from you not even a thread or lace of a sandal.  So you will never say that you made me Rich.  A man that does not know God would say that, but everything I have is because god is my help.
  • Abram trained his men.  A king should train his men, he should prepare them for the battle.  He should believe that God is in control.  Abram had a right to the possessions but he gave it back because he trust God to provide.  A king should trust God.
  • Abarm is in relationship with God.  When you are in relationship you think about him, you worship him, you talk to him, you hear him, you know his voice you follow him, you don’t do the things you use to do.
  • He gave tithe to Melchizedek king of Salem. he refuses to anything from the king of Sodom.  So this king would not be able to say he made Abram rich.  Abram raised hands

Chapter 15

God tells Abram in a vision

“I am your shield your very great reward”

Abram does not have children, the nations in the know world have been created by his uncles and his cousins. Remember the chart on Nations in chapter 10.   Abram has no children and his family is him, his wife and servants.  Hardly the start of a great nation at least in his mind at this time.  But the start of a great nation and a great family always begins with a partner that is united in God’s will and purpose.  When you are united in God’s will you seek something greater then self.



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