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About Us

Why Motor City Kings?

Motor City Kings didn’t Start Out Being a Parachurch.
I know that many of you are asking what is a parachurch? A parachurch is a faith based organization that works alongside, with the oversight of, a church. Many of you may be familiar with parachurches by their names, but did not know that they were parachurches. I will name a few. Promise Keepers, Habitat for Humanity, Youth for Christ, and Focus on Family are parachurches. There are many others.

Motor City Kings started out being an entertainment and talent agency and for several years my faith and values were attacked by the values of the secular world. I started to take a hard look at myself and the way that I was living in this world. My family relationships were under attack and my home was being pulled apart. I discovered in this journey that I was not the only one being attacked by the enemy. Many families were going through the same things. Husbands were troubled and could not understand what was wrong with their wives.

The failure of the economy further fueled the debate and wives were leaving their husbands. Men were failing to do what God had appointed and called them to do. God called men to be the spiritual head of their family. Both the husbands and wives believed that the calling was in the size of their bank accounts. Who ever made the most money was the head and they never admit it, but they married for money. They wanted a better life in this world. But the goal of this life is to prepare and mature for the next.

Businesses going bankrupt and laying off people caused more and more problems between husbands and wives. They are saying in one breath, we will make a come back, but it’s going to be a struggle. We are going to suffer a little in the process. We need to lay a few of you off and we will take a bonus because we are stressed out after laying you off. Or maybe I made a bonus because I laid you off and because I laid you off, I helped make a profit off of the backs of the poor. Yes these lovers of money attacked the spirit. They did everything they could to destroy the family and God’s order. Don’t worry if you can’t see it, the liar is very good at his job and the devil is in the details.

I know you heard it said that you have to go through something in order to get something. I heard it said that God prepares the man he uses. I also heard it said that despite of where you heart is, God will use you for his will.

Open your eyes and see. Listen with your ears and hear. If you are asking why we are at this place at this time? Why is there so much evil in this world today? You need to take a look at the New Testament and find the place where it tell us we are in a spiritual warfare. The battle that we fight is not between flesh and blood. I’m not going to tell you the end of the statement because if I tell you, you will not listen. You have to do it for yourself. Open the Holy Book and find it.

The first Step in being a Motor City King is being responsible and accountable for what God has given you, your wife and family. Man you are the head of the woman, the spiritual leader, the priest and the prophet of your family. In order for you to do this, you need to labor in the Word and live his commands.

Samuel The Prophet
During the time of Samuel the prophet, Israel was happy with Samuel being the prophet and spiritual leader and God as the King. Samuel’s sons did not love God the same as Samuel. They put their worldly desires in front of spiritual goals, the purpose of life. Let me say it this way. They put themselves before God’s will. Samuel’s sons did not govern the same as Samuel. They were corrupt. Samuel’s sons sought the riches of this world and their sin affected Israel. Israel began to look at the riches of this world and soon desired the things of the world, just as the son’s of Samuel. Instead of seeking the protection of God to fight their battles and provide for their needs, they sought the counsel of a manly King.

Samuel warned them. They insisted and God answered!

1 Samuel 8:10-22
10 So Samuel told those who had asked him for a king what the Lord had said.11 Samuel said, “If you have a king ruling over you, this is what he will do: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and his horses, and they will run in front of the king’s chariot.12 The king will make some of your sons commanders over thousands or over fifties. He will make some of your other sons plow his ground and reap his harvest. He will take others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots.13 He will take your daughters to make perfume and cook and bake for him.14 He will take your best fields, vineyards, and olive groves and give them to his servants.15 He will take one-tenth of your grain and grapes and give it to his officers and servants.16 He will take your male and female servants, your best cattle, and your donkeys and use them all for his own work.17 He will take one-tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves.18 When that time comes, you will cry out because of the king you chose. But the Lord will not answer you then.”
19 But the people would not listen to Samuel. They said, “No! We want a king to rule over us.20Then we will be the same as all the other nations. Our king will judge for us and go with us and fight our battles.”
21 After Samuel heard all that the people said, he repeated their words to the Lord.22 The Lord answered, “You must listen to them. Give them a king.”
Then Samuel told the people of Israel, “Go back to your towns.”

Listen to Samuel

My Kingdom is my family. I am the spiritual leader of my family. I have been called by God to be Head of my wife, and my children. What God has put together no man can destroy.   I labor in the garden of God’s words so that I may I teach my wife and children about the goodness of God’s grace and mercy. My walk in the world is my testimony and God has prepared me for this job. I’m not perfect. I’m not the man I used to be. I have not reached the goal he has for me. The Prophet Samuel is saying if we give our life to an earthly King we will desire earthly things. If we give our Life to the King of Kings, the Lord of Hosts then we will seek the heavenly treasures and he will provide all our needs. A Motor City King gives his life to service to God and family.

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