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The Moral Implications of Jesus’ Return | Motor City Kings Home

The Moral Implications of Jesus’ Return


This paper is written from the perspective of a Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God, was baptized, has been forgiven for his past sin, and is free from the Law of Moses and the doctrines of men. It all begins with faith and a committed mind and heart, to live a life of purpose that God has ordained. If you have faith in he who has called you, then you will want to know him for yourself. You will want to spend time with the man calling you. So the first step in knowing him is spending time with him by reading his word, praying and meditating. Let us now lay the foundation for living the life that God has called until the return of Jesus.


For a Christian to live, he must have some fundamental theology of the working of God in his own salvation. The first and most important layer of the foundation is that you are saved by your faith and not your work. The fact that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the first step toward being released and forgiven from sin.

1) You are righteous

Now that you are righteous, you can be cleansed of your sin by baptism in the blood of Christ, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now that your sins are forgiven, you are justified with God because of faith. Because you are justified with God, because of your faith, you should no longer live a life to please man. You should live the rest of your life pleasing God. This is the second moral principle to living an ethical life until Jesus’ return.

2) Christians are to live a life of faith pleasing God.

Throughout scriptures, God has prepared men by electing them to positions of authority to further his Kingdom… this is called the election of grace. There is also the election of individuals to an eternal life which only God has the right. This means he takes sinners and makes them holy so that they may live forever.

3) God’s grace has elected the Christian to a position of authority in his kingdom.

The fourth and final foundation principle that I will list in this paper is that of sanctification. Sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s heart. It is setting aside the sinful spirit that used to rule the believer and moving to a heart that is filled with God’s grace. This grace that fills the heart of a sinner sets him apart from the world and causes him to humbly submit to God’s will and purpose, because of his faith. He sets aside self so he can be a witness and a martyr in the service of the Lord.

4) The work of the Holy Spirit in the believer.

How we live the foundational theology above is how we live out our life as Christians until the return of Jesus. The working of the spirit is a process that begins with our acceptance of Jesus as Lord and the son of God. Without this first step, none of the other steps are applicable.

Application of the Foundational Doctrine

The first two foundational layers seem to happen rather quickly — accept Christ and be baptized. This is where many Christians stop and end their commitment. They continue to come to the local church, give their tithes and offering and learn about God from those around them. They often find themselves too busy doing the things of the world, worried about money and the relationships that they have in the world.

But there is another group of people that are elected, believe they are elected or have a desire to serve God and give of themselves for God’s purpose and calling. They spend their time learning and gaining knowledge of God’s teachings.

The more that they learn about God, the more their desire grows for the true teaching of God. The more that they learn, the more the Holy Spirit works in their life their faith and dependence on God becomes greater. The more that they choose to separate from the evil of the world and the doctrines of men, the more they are able to let go of the material world and learn to trust things that are spiritual.

They learn that God is present everywhere and is in all things. Their hope in Christ causes them to trust more and learn to live the life that God has called them for. They know that God can and will supply all their needs. They become dependent on God.

Practical Implementation of Foundational Doctrine

Eat from the Body of Christ

We must be true to God’s teachings. Each of us has a purpose. To find that purpose, we must understand who God declares us to be. God declares us to be his Holy people, saved by grace. We are a people who are dead to sin, the Law of Moses, and the doctrine of Men. He tells us to be grounded in his knowledge and accomplishments.

So the first teaching or moral principle is to know something about God’s word.

Each Day We Grow Stronger

Each Day we are to walk with God knowing that this life is temporary and that the final day of judgment is coming. God has told us what to do with respect to the Church. He has told us to study and to grow in strength of his holy teachings as we work to remove the layers of sin in us.

Practice in our personal life what we have learned in the body of Christ

In God’s words are the instructions of how to be good husbands, fathers, wives, children, leaders, sons, daughters and citizens in the Kingdom of God. The word of God, his holy book, is the instruction and guide by which we should live a moral life until the return of Jesus.

The Sufficiency of Christ

We are to become completely and totally sufficient in the working of Christ in our life. We must trust that Christ will provide all of our needs by furnishing those things necessary and convenient for the maintenance of life in the world and for our salvation and sanctification.

Work to lead and teach
God wants us to respect and appreciate those that try to teach us and lead us to the Lord. We are to respect those that do this work. He also wants us to encourage those that are afraid or weak. We are to encourage them, be patient and do what is good.
We are to pray and give thanks for whatever happens. This is what God wants us to do in Christ Jesus. We are to let the Holy Spirit do its work and respect prophecy. We are to test everything in God’s word and keep what is good. Those things that do not agree with the Word should be discarded, for they are evil. As we wait on the Lord to return, may God himself make us whole in spirit, soul, and body. May we be kept safe and without fault.

I trust the one who calls me to do these things.


The Moral Implications of Jesus’ Return is to live this life in seeking knowledge and strength in the workings of Christ as a means of sufficiency, salvation and sanctification of our life. We must learn to trust and understand the knowledge and working of the Gospels so as not to be tempted and corrupted by the evils of this world. We must keep Christ as the focus of our life and the center of our decision-making processes. If we make Christ the center of our decision-making processes, God will reveal in his Word, his will and purpose for our life. God wants us to practice our faith in both our private and public lives. If you have a personal relationship with God at home with your family, you will display same Christ-like character that you display in church on Sunday. You will lead your family by your examples and deeds not just by your words. You will demonstrate your faith in your home by your deeds. You will gain favor with God and he can trust you to the call of the great commission. It was not deeds that save you, it is your faith that you put in the Word. It is this faith that allows you to humbly submit to his will and the call of his purpose. Just trust and obey his commands and his grace will find you.

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