Prayer List 1/27/2012

Prayer List!

This day I am praying for the following people. Please pray with me.   Even if a name of the person you want to pray for is not on this list. God will know who is in need of prayer because he knows your heart.

I will only list their first name. God know us by our relationship with him and the relationship he has with us. Even it we do not say the name of the person that need prayer he knows your hearts!

Our Father that created heaven and Earth, who gave us the Holy Bible, your words, Who alone determine right and wrong, and our Lord who is Jesus Christ. Here our unselfish prayers for persons that need your blessings and healing.

Thank you, for blessing our Brothers and Sisters who realized that they are poor in spirit, bless those who grieve for you comfort, bless those that are humble, bless those that need justice, bless those that show mercy to others, bless those who thoughts are pure, bless those that seek peace, bless those that are persecuted for doing good.

Brothers and and sisters may God bless your body and spirit, it may be broken but God has a blessing for you so rejoice and be glad, for a great reward is waiting for you. We pray that God will give you knowledge of his will for you. Seek and praise him in this time of healing and he will give you strength for all that is happening right now. Praise him, seek him for the blessing he is working out in your life.

Thank you Father Amen


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