You Not Feeling Me

I was at Church on Sunday and the minister said can I get an amen, You not hearing me now.  I coming close to some of you, I can feel it I just want you to know that there joy when you can shake this thing  off of you when you stand up and believe in him. I just want you to know -yea-  he can’t hold you back if you – yea- if you just accept my Lord, If you just believe in my Christ can you feel him -yea- does it make you want shout for joy.   And the people shouted for joy.  They shouted and they shouted the end was one big climax an explosion of joy.

But the seed of the message had fallen on rocky places,  they received the word with joy but it didn’t take root.    Because the words did not take root the joy lasted only a short time.  When trouble and persecution comes because of the word that landed in rocky places. Rocky places trust only in the things they can see.
The joy of rocky places only last when they hear the word and see the man in front they look past the spiritual word to look at the material man. That climax of joy that they experience on Sunday morning is gone on Monday.  Honey to know true joy you got go through something, you must stay in the word, trust the word and live the word. If you only hear it on Sunday and can’t live it on Monday then you are in the rocky place. It’s time for a change.

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