God Knows

God Knows

God Knows –When I am far from God I can see your sins easier then I can see mines. I will talk about your sins and the thing you done but won’t mention mines. Not to me, not to you and not to God. When I am far from God I will tell the world what you done and how to change your life. The shame of my sins keeps me silent. But God Knows.

When I’m near God I go into my closet.  I close the door and my sins will become light I can see the truth about me.  The truth becomes sorrow an overburden pain.   Lord, Lord I cry.  Lord, Lord I moan.  When I’m near God he hears my cry and my life is changed.   My sorrow becomes joy.  My faith is stronger and my hope becomes real.   God Knows.

When I am far from God I blame you for my problems.  I blame the world for my problems.  I see the sins and only talk of them but do change the way I live.  I do not think about me.  I only see you.  When the world is watching I do what is right, I say what is right.  But when the world sleeps I do what I want.  I seek my desires.  God Knows.

When I am near God I change myself.  I am his consul.  I stand for him both day and night.  I don’t blame you.  I speak for him and he speaks through me.   You don’t see me but the spirit of God that lives in me.  Then you will know what I know that God knows.


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